No More Rats: A Proven Roadmap To Banish Rats From Your Memphis Home

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The last thing anyone wants to hear is rats squeaking and scratching in the attic or walls. Unfortunately, these rodents commonly enter homes while searching for food, water, and shelter, and getting them out can prove challenging. This article will provide the information you need to banish rats from your home and keep them from […]

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Cockroaches In Memphis

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  Cockroach control in Memphis can help you avoid all of the nastiest consequences of having these persistent little pests inside your home. This article will walk you through the basics of cockroach prevention, professional cockroach control, the health risks they bring with them, and the origins of cockroach problems. Cockroaches have been a blight on […]

Getting Rid Of Mice: What The Experts In Memphis Want You To Know

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Rodents such as rats, squirrels, and mice are among the most common pests that enter homes and businesses in the greater Memphis region. Mice are omnivorous scavengers that will take advantage of opportunities to penetrate the exterior of the structure in search of food, water, and shelter. Aside from being a nuisance, mice may pose […]

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches: A Comprehensive Guide For Memphis Homeowners

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Cockroaches are a menace to many homeowners in the Memphis area. These insect pests are highly resilient and difficult to detect; getting rid of them can be next to impossible. This article will outline some key principles of cockroach control in Memphis to help you handle them. We’ll go over some of the common kinds of cockroaches […]

Spiders Be Gone: A Guide To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Memphis Home

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In Memphis, there is no such thing as a “spider season.” Instead, these creepy arachnids tend to stay active all year long and can invade your home any time of the year. While most spiders in this area are harmless, a couple can cause some people to experience dangerous symptoms when bitten. At Chief Termite […]

Battling Ants In Memphis: What Homeowners Need To Know

Ants on Plants

Ant removal can protect your home and your family from all species of ants and the many problems they can cause. Today’s post on pest control in Memphis is all about how you can effectively battle ants that have found their way into your home and how to keep them and their brethren out for good. This […]

Wasp Prevention 101: Steps You Can Take To Keep Wasps At Bay In Memphis

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Wasps can make it impossible to enjoy your backyard, and they endanger your family and pets. These Memphis pests are some of the most challenging to deal with because any attempts to remove them can result in dangerous stings, and most species will defend their nests. If there are wasps around your yard or a nest, it […]

Termites Be Gone: Proven Techniques For Successful Termite Control In Memphis

Subterranean Termites

One particular group of menaces that plague homeowners when it comes to pest control in Memphis is termites. These tiny, wood-devouring insects can wreak havoc on structures, causing extensive damage and hefty repair bills. However, with the right approach to termite control, Memphis residents can protect their homes from these destructive pests. In this comprehensive […]

The Secret To Effective Ant Control In And Around Memphis Homes

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Many types of ants call Memphis home. These ants cannot only be a nuisance, but they can be both dangerous and destructive. If you are struggling with an ant problem on your property, Chief Termite and Pest Control has you covered. We have been offering superior pest control in Memphis for decades and can help you successfully […]

How To Tell If Termites Have Found Your Memphis Home

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There’s something lurking in the shadows of your Memphis home, silently eating away at your property. Could it be… termites? Termite pest control in Memphis can be a tricky process, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. In this article, we’ll reveal the secrets of a termite infestation and show you how to uncover the […]