Battling Ants In Memphis: What Homeowners Need To Know

September 14, 2023

Ants on PlantsAnt removal can protect your home and your family from all species of ants and the many problems they can cause. Today’s post on pest control in Memphis is all about how you can effectively battle ants that have found their way into your home and how to keep them and their brethren out for good. This post will cover why ants are so active in the area, how they manage to enter homes, businesses, and other buildings, prevention tips, and long-term control strategies. Here’s what local homeowners need to know.

Why Ants Are Still Active In Yards Across Memphis

When asking why ants are particularly active in the wider Memphis area, we have to consider ant behavior and what motivates them. Ants aren’t trying to be pests, but they are, and that’s because they are intent on surviving and reproducing. Due to their collectivist social structure, ants are far more concerned with the well-being of their colony and their species rather than their individual well-being.

Each ant has a specific job from birth, and they perform their job until the day they die. If you’re seeing a lot of ants either in your home or just outside of it, this means that something about your property is giving ants exactly what they need, not only to survive but to thrive. In most cases, that means the ants are finding sources of food and that they’ve been able to establish a colony that is safe from predators and human interlopers.

Because ants are still so active in the area, ant control for homeowners and business owners is essential.

How Ants Get Into Memphis Homes And Businesses

So how does an ant infestation develop? How exactly do they get into our homes and businesses? Well, we’ve already covered their motivations, but in terms of infiltration, ants can nearly always find tiny openings that allow access to buildings.

These openings can be so small that the average person doesn’t tend to even consider them. Sure, if you leave a door open for a few hours, this could also provide access, but it’s more likely that ants are finding tiny pathways into the building.

Scouting ants, usually worker ants, specifically search for entry points when they have a reason to. If they smell nearby food or identify a source of water, they will be sufficiently motivated to enter the building any way they can.

Thankfully, you can put a stop to this by keeping up with a number of ant prevention tips.

How To Prevent Ant Activity In And Around Your Memphis Home

The absolute best way to stop ant activity around your property is to work with a pest control service. But there are also ant prevention tips you can use right away that are especially useful for keeping ants away, including:

  • Check for even tiny cracks or openings in the exterior walls of your house and seal any you find.
  • Don’t leave food or crumbs on counters, floors, or in outdoor areas.
  • Maintain your lawn and any bushes or trees, especially those near the walls of your house.
  • Remove any debris from your yard, particularly rotting leaves or wood.
  • Make sure you don’t have any leaking pipes or areas where water pools and remains stagnant.

These aren’t one-time fixes. Rather, these should become habits that you repeat over time to prevent ant activity near your home.

The Best Solution For Long-Term Ant Control In Memphis

Professional ant pest control from a trusted company can help you manage long-term ant control for your Memphis property. With skill, expertise, and modern techniques, pest control professionals can keep your home safe, clean, and healthy for years to come.

If you’re looking for an ant exterminator near you, contact Chief Termite & Pest Control through our website or by phone at your earliest convenience.