Mosquito Control In Memphis, TN

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Memphis is one of the most mosquito-infested metros in America. Climbing to number 46 on the roster behind Nashville and Knoxville, millions of individual pests now call our city home. There are dozens of unique species invading both residential and business properties, raising our risks for bites, diseases, and even secondary infestations.

Chief Termite & Pest Control refuses to watch from a distance. As a locally owned and operated pest control company with 60+ years of service, we are becoming the most trusted provider of seasonal mosquito control in Memphis. We’ve spent the last few decades of our long history fighting pest infestations at their root and we are now helping thousands of customers regain their freedom from mosquitos during the active season.

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Mosquito Control From Chief Termite & Pest Control

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The mosquito services provided by Chief Termite & Pest Control require an inspection before treatment. A quick assessment from a skilled technician evaluates all the places mosquitoes could live and thrive and allows us to provide a free estimate of what you might expect to pay. 

If you’re happy with our custom pricing and are ready to continue, we’ll launch into our comprehensive treatment phase. We will install In2Care Mosquito Stations during our initial visit and perform secondary treatments if desired. As avid believers in Integrated Pest Management methods, we only apply as much product as necessary — and nothing more!

The In2Care System is one of the most effective mosquito control solutions on the market. Mosquito Stations attract and eliminate adult mosquitoes, as well as their larvae. We use the In2Care System because of the many benefits that it provides for our customers, including:

  • Targeting both Aedes and Culex mosquito species
  • Eliminating larvae and pupae inside and surrounding the stations
  • Using environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe for your family
  • Reducing your exposure to mosquito-borne illnesses

The In2Care System is backed by science and is field-validated and peer-reviewed. You can rest assured your property has the best mosquito protection throughout the active season. Our team adheres to a treatment schedule between March and October of each year, which stops invading mosquitoes at all stages of growth.

Ready to get rid of mosquitoes around your Memphis property? You can start by getting in touch with Chief Termite & Pest Control today.

Our Memphis, TN Mosquito Control Process


We always begin our mosquito control services by inspecting your lawn and landscaping. Our team will locate mosquito populations and possible harborage zones before treating your yard.


We will install In2Care Mosquito Stations on your property to target mosquitoes at all life stages. We may also recommend the use of additional treatments to maximize your mosquito protection.


To ensure that Memphis mosquitoes stay far away from your home, we will return to treat your property once per month during the active season. We offer our mosquito control services between March and October.

FAQs About Mosquitos

How often do you need to perform your mosquito control process in my yard?

Mosquitoes are particularly difficult pests that return to the same area year after year. Because of their persistence and high survival rate, it’s best to perform mosquito services once per month during the active season. Our service professionals at Chief Termite & Pest Control offer mosquito treatments from March through October. As long as we make all eight visits during the growing season, this should give you adequate protection against unwanted mosquitoes.

Will Chief Termite & Pest Control perform one-time mosquito control services?

Yes! Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or hosting a backyard barbecue, the professionals at Chief Termite & Pest Control can protect your property with one-time mosquito treatment services. We will apply the service using an Integrated Pest Management approach to ward off mosquitoes and offer some suggestions for property improvements that will keep lingering pests away. To learn more about our one-time mosquito services, please contact Chief Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate.

Is there any pre-service or post-service work I must complete before your mosquito control services?

Chief Termite & Pest Control does not expect our customers to perform prep work before their mosquito control service. That said, we do recommend that all our clients consider mosquito reduction strategies both before and after our visit. We recommend the following tips:

  • Eliminate areas of stagnant water from around the home or business.
  • Mow the lawn and prune shrubs to reduce harborage zones.
  • Cut back trees to reduce shady areas and discourage future habitation. 

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of mosquito prevention in Memphis. For additional tips and suggested strategies, please contact Chief Termite & Pest Control.

Contact Chief Termite & Pest Control For Mosquito Control In Memphis

A comprehensive mosquito solution may be just a phone call away. For home and business owners in the Memphis area, Chief Termite & Pest Control provides everything needed to stop unwanted yard pests in their tracks. We possess the time, talent, and techniques necessary to fully inspect your yard, then apply all relevant services and procedures to protect your property as expected. We don’t just protect your home from mosquitoes — we keep their numbers low all year round! You can book a mosquito control visit from Chief Termite & Pest Control by giving us a call today. We’re excited to schedule a good time to visit and provide a free estimate.